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Eye Trauma

The Eye Trauma Service at New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai (NYEE) is New York City's premier specialty facility dedicated solely to the care of the severely injured eyes and related tissues. It is an integrated multi-specialty service with Board Certified eye surgeons representing the Anterior Segment, Retina and Oculoplastics Services

The "Eye Trauma Hot Line" phone system provides access to the Center's triage officer 24 hours a day. Patients are referred from private doctor's offices, Emergency Rooms, and other facilities from the tri-state area, as well as internationally.

Research, publications and lectures are the logical outgrowth of the service's activities. In the past year, the attending surgeons of New York Eye Trauma Center have presented papers at numerous meetings and are active members of The American Society of Ocular Trauma.

NYEE has been selected as the Eye Registry of the State of New York as a member of the United States Eye Injury Registry. This will enable NYEE to collect eye injury data in a standardized fashion facilitating analytical epidemiological research, the development of preventative strategies, the development of clinical trials, and optimizing treatment modalities.

The Trauma Service holds conferences monthly where complex cases are presented and discussed among the entire staff.

The Ocular Trauma Service is an integrated multi-specialty service with over 25 Board Certified eye surgeons representing NYEE's Anterior Segment, Retina, and Oculoplastic Services. Patients are referred from the tri-state area, as well as from around the world for primary and secondary repair of complex ocular injuries.

About Eye Injury

Eye injury is a leading cause of monocular blindness in the United States, second to cataract as the most common cause of visual impairment. Just over 1 million people in the U.S. and 42 million around the world are blind from trauma. Causes of eye injuries vary and are most often related to injury from blunt objects (31%) or sharp objects (18%). Other causes include: motor vehicle accidents (9%), pellet guns (6%), nails (5%), hammer on metal (5%), fireworks (5%), guns (5%), falls (4%), and explosions (3%).

NYEE is a national eye trauma center with expertise in treating patients with severe ocular trauma. Many eye trauma patients are referred from other institutions and practices for the NYEE's expertise and specialized equipment. Advances in evaluating traumatic injuries [1,2] and novel surgical techniques [3-6] have been developed at NYEE and disseminated to other trauma surgeons around the world to help in restoring vision to eyes with severe traumatic injuries. The mission of the Eye Trauma Service is to provide acute, comprehensive ophthalmic medical and surgical care for severe eye, orbital, and ocular adnexal injuries.

Expedient management of devastating eye injuries is often beyond the capability of many general hospitals and some university medical centers. The vast resources of NYEE including the physical plant-access, application of state-of-the-art medical technology, and expert subspecialty surgical attending staff make it uniquely qualified to maintain a service dedicated to eye trauma.


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