Childhood Eye Trauma

Children are particularly vulnerable to trauma to the eyes from thrown balls, sharp sticks, projectiles, fists, chemical substances like cleaning fluids or pool supplies, and much more. These can lead to a host of eye problems, including a scratch or more serious scratches or cuts to the cornea, retinal detachment, retinal tears, and bleeding in the vitreous humor (the clear gel that fills the eyeball). Cuts are particularly common and require prompt attention by an ophthalmologist to prevent further damage and potential vision loss.

New York Eye and Ear Infirmary was the first Ocular Trauma Center for the New York metropolitan area, and it continues to be a major referral center for cases ranging from routine to the most difficult. In cases involving eye trauma, our eye walk-in clinic on 14th Street in Manhattan includes the most advanced diagnostic equipment and a team of skilled emergency care ophthalmologists and nurses with years of experience and special training.