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Featured Innovations at NYEE

The focus of the Ophthalmic Innovation and Technology Program is currently on micro-interventional innovation, which is rapidly transforming ocular treatment. New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai (NYEE) has been a leader in the field, not only as a top recruiting site of clinical trials for some of these products but also by quickly adapting them into the standard practice of care for our patients.

CyPass Glaucoma Micro-stent: The latest MIGS device …now FDA-approved

MIGS, for micro-invasive glaucoma surgery, is transforming the way we surgically treat patients with open-angle glaucoma.  We have introduced two of the latest micro-stent technologies—CyPass Micro-Stent and XEN Gel Stent at NYEE and our glaucoma faculty is delivering this latest breakthrough technology to our patients. 

The Problem

The traditional filtration surgery, trabeculectomy, to lower raised IOP in open-glaucoma patients, has been a reliable tool in glaucoma surgery for the past 70-years. However, traditional glaucoma surgery may come with side effects including, longer recovery time, double vision, or the potentially lifelong risk of infection.  

The Solution

CyPass Micro-Stent (Alcon), a first non-trabecular micro-stent for glaucoma, takes advantage of different drainage options within the aqueous drainage meshwork filtrating mechanisms of the eye by putting an implant in the supraciliary or suprachoroidal space. The stent allows the surgeon to bypass the Schlemm’s canal and the natural drainage pathway. Implanted through a clear corneal incision, the technique avoids the formation of a filtering bleb and spares the conjunctiva. CyPass can be used in combination with cataract surgery or as a stand-alone procedure.

Our Impact

The introduction of minimally invasive stents like CyPass opens new therapeutic avenues for treatment of open-angle glaucoma in all type of patients, from mild to moderate to advanced cases. They offer safer, more effective ways of draining the eye with minimal trauma, rapid recovery, as well as the ability to combine glaucoma and cataracts procedures with minimal loss of visual acuity.

miLOOP Cataract Innovation: First Device for Micro-interventional Cataract Surgery

NYEE is the first hospital on the North East to introduce miLOOP (Iantech, Inc), a micro-interventional cataract fragmentation device for high-precision, non-thermal, minimally invasive cataract surgery, which greatly enhances the conventional phaco surgical technique.

The Problem

Phacoemulsification, while extremely successful, has been the standard of care for 50-years. However, the technique can introduce a lot of undesirable energy and sometimes leads to corneal damage and endothelial cell loss, especially in cases of dense and large cataracts.

The Solution

Borrowing from the recent advances in micro-invasive techniques in cardiovascular surgery and interventional radiology, Dr. Ianchulev and his engineering team at the company he co-founded, Iantech, Inc., developed miLOOP, a game-changing technology which for the first time allows for energy-free lens fragmentation using a pen-like micro-interventional device. The device uses advanced nitinol technology with super elastic, memory-shape micro-filament which fragments even the hardest cataracts with no ultrasonic, vibrational energy and no heat introduced into the eye. miLOOP can cut through rock-hard cataracts without rupturing the 4 micron-thin capsule enveloping the lens—this ultra-thin lenticular “envelope” makes even routine cataract surgery challenging and can lead to many complications.

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