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Voice Therapy

Voice therapy is an approach to treating voice disorders that involves vocal and physical exercises coupled with behavioral changes. The purpose of voice therapy is to help you attain the best possible voice and the most relief from the vocal symptoms that are bothering you - those symptoms that brought you to the Grabscheid Voice and Swallowing Center in the first place.

Symptoms vary from patient to patient, and so the goals of your voice therapy program are tailored to your personal needs. For some patients, the goal may be getting rid of the annoying feeling that there is "something" in the throat. For others, the personal goal may be based upon a more complex group of symptoms - preventing the voice from giving out at the end of the day, relief from the ache-y, strained feeling in the neck, making the voice louder, or just returning the voice to the way it used to sound.

Your voice disorder - the symptoms you experience and the severity of your vocal handicap - may be caused by a variety of underlying disorders and diseases. Some of those causes may be completely treatable, and others may not. Therefore, depending upon the cause of your voice disorder, the long-term goal may be to help you attain the voice you used to have (and the voice you want to have back), or to attain the voice you always wanted but never had. Or, the long-term goal of the voice therapy program may be to help you attain the best possible voice and compensate most effectively for the underlying disorder or disease that cannot be completely "cured."

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