Hearing Aids

Once you’ve been diagnosed with a hearing loss, you may be concerned that wearing a hearing aid will make you look old. Truth is, hearing aids have changed dramatically in recent years and are lighter, smarter, and less detectable than ever before. Just as importantly, they are more effective than devices of the past and can open the door to a new world of vastly improved sound—a world that enhances your social and professional interactions.

The Ear Institute at New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai (NYEE) has been fitting adults and children with hearing aids for the past 30 years. If a professional hearing test shows the need for an amplification device, our large team of highly experienced and skilled audiologists is prepared to work closely with you. Today’s hearing aids offer numerous options in terms of style, size, special features, and how they’re placed in your ear, and our specialists will help you find a device that meets your unique hearing, lifestyle, and cosmetic needs.

To ensure you have the widest field of choices, we work with six major manufacturers of hearing aids, and give each patient a 45-day trial period with their new device. And because cost is often a significant factor in the purchase of a hearing aid, we make sure our devices are competitively priced.

Above all, we are committed to building relationships with our patients. After fitting your hearing instrument we continue to make all necessary changes and adjustments to ensure you get maximum results.

In addition to the hearing impaired, people who are routinely exposed to noise also seek our professional help. This group includes musicians, music lovers, and those who work in noisy environments. We offer them custom hearing protection options as well as hearing aids.