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The Diagnostic Imaging Center provides services for referred patients from New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai (NYEE) as well as patients of community-based physicians. All referrals are welcome.

Radiology Director
Roy A. Holliday, MD
Specialist in Head and Neck Radiology

Ann Lall

Radiology Services Available at NYEE's Diagnostic Imaging Center

  • CT Scans
    • 64-slice Low Dose, High Definition CT Scanner
    • Head and Neck is our specialty as we provide highly detailed, three dimensional images of the organs and structures within the area
  • Pediatric CT, with and without sedation
    • Specific Radiation exposure protocols for pediatric CT based on: child size, region scanned, and organ systems scanned
    • If sedation is needed, we work with the Anesthesia department to provide appropriate sedation
  • Esophagrams and Video Swallowing Studies
  • Lumbar Puncture under Fluoroscopy / Cisternography
  • Routine Radiography
  • Inpatient / Emergent Imaging

NOTE: Ultrasound studies of the thyroid gland are performed at the Thyroid Center on the 6th Floor North Building (call 212-979-4200 for scheduling)

Radiology Services for NYEE Patients Conducted at Affiliated Diagnostic Imaging Sites

  • MR examinations
  • Nuclear Medicine studies
  • Mammography
  • Myelography
  • All other ultrasound studies
  • All other barium studies
  • Bone Densitometry

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RadiologyTel: (212) 979-4397

Address310 E. 14th Street
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