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Preoperative Evaluation

Prior to coming to the hospital for your surgery you may be instructed by your surgeon's office to have your primary medical doctor (PMD), Pediatrician or Cardiologist complete a pre-operative history and physical. All patient's should check with their surgeon and/or PMD to determine which medications they should discontinue prior to surgery and which ones they should take on the morning of surgery with a sip of water. Patients with pacemakers and/or defibrillators should bring the company identification card on the day of surgery. Patients with defibrillators should have their Cardiologist or device manager complete a special clearance form available from your surgeon's office prior to the day of surgery.

Before surgery, patients will meet with a member of the anesthesia team to discuss their medical history, prior anesthetic and surgical history, medication history, and anesthetic options. The patient should share with the anesthesia professional any problems experienced with previous anesthetics, including any history of intraoperative awareness. The patient should also discuss all prescription medications or over-the-counter medications he or she is taking. All necessary blood work, electrocardiograms, chest X-Rays and any other required preoperative tests will be reviewed at this time. This information is vital so that the anesthesia professional can tailor the anesthetic plan to the patient's specific needs. Finally all risks, benefits and alternatives will be discussed before signing an anesthesia informed consent and transfer to the operating room.

For more information, please view our Patient's Guide to Surgery.

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