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In-patient and Ambulatory Surgery Center

The goal of the division concurs with the mission of New York Eye and Ear Infirmary "To provide the highest quality, most technologically advanced patient care in a financially responsible manner in an environment where the dignity and comfort of each patient is paramount".

The in-patient nursing department comprises services for adult and pediatric patients with conditions related to otolaryngology, ophthalmology, head and neck, plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive, and masticatory insufficiency. There is an intermediate care unit designated for post-operative head and neck cases and complicated plastic reconstructive and masticatory surgical cases. There is also a designated room for "Examination Under Anesthesia" (EUA) procedures. The department also coordinates pre-admission testing and same day testing. An ambulatory surgery center delivers peri and post operative care to patients for ambulatory surgery. The department personnel are supported by the services of ancillary service technicians who do EKG testing and phlebotomy.

The Staff Development process includes formal and informal learning activities that relate to nursing staff experience. It may take place within the facility or outside the facility. These learning opportunities assist the nursing staff to perform competently in the fulfillment of role expectations.

The current emphasis on efficiency, quality and effectiveness in the nursing staff, helps to meet the organizational defined goals through assessment, maintenance and development of competencies. Development of learning activities are related to knowledge, while skills are related to performance expectations. These include: orientation of new staff, in-service sessions, continuing education and incidental cross training.

Registered Nurses are trained and certified in BCLS, ACLS, PALS. Additional unit-based training such as: IV insertion skill, taking ECG's, Chest Physiotherapy, Pulse Oximeter, etc., is provided to meet the needs of the unit. Nursing Assistants are cross-trained to work and assume related roles so as to enhance their job description. There is a continued movement towards skill building among the nursing staff, as well as active computerization training.

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