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Laser Skin Resurfacing - Chemical Peels

Laser Skin Resurfacing - Chemical Peels

What is the difference between laser skin resurfacing and chemical peels?

Treatments such as laser resurfacing, dermabrasion, chemical peels and glycolic/alpha- hydroxy/"fruit" acids products are designed to improve facial wrinkles by removing the upper, more wrinkled layers of the skin. These treatments differ in how much and by what method they remove these outer skin layers. Each has a role in the treatment of wrinkles; again, a consultation with a facial plastic surgeon can help you determine exactly which would be most beneficial for you.

I've always been interested in changing the way my nose looks, but I don't want a "Hollywood" nose that looks surgical. What are my options?

In the past, highly stylized and sculpted noses were considered attractive. However, just as clothing styles change, so do the standards of beauty (consider the popularity of the "waif" look now and 5 or 6 years ago). Most facial plastic surgeons today strive for a "natural" look that fits harmoniously with the rest of the face. A consultation with a facial plastic surgeon can help you decide what you can realistically expect from a rhinoplasty.

I find that as I get older, I am beginning to notice subtle changes in my appearance that are gradually becoming more pronounced. How do I know when I am ready for facial plastic surgery?

The decision to undergo for facial plastic surgery is a highly personal one, and only you can decide if you are ready. Your surgeon can tell you what you can realistically expect from the surgery. You should be comfortable that the changes you will notice after surgery make the procedure worthwhile to you. On the other hand, you should not feel that you need to wait until the signs of aging are very pronounced; the results after waiting a longer period of time are not necessarily better, and you will have spent the additional time with an appearance you find unacceptable.

I am happy with my appearance now, but when I look at my grandmother, I see signs of aging I'd like to avoid. What can I do now?

We inherit our skin type and how we age from our family. It is likely that you will age similarly to one of your grandparents. If you?re fortunate enough to come from a family that retains a youthful appearance as it ages, you?re one of the lucky ones. For the rest of us, routine skin care, careful sun protection (sunblocks with SPF 15 or higher), no tobacco use, plenty of rest and a healthy lifestyle are the best ways of preserving our youthful appearance.

Prepared by Anthony P. Sclafani, MD and the staff of The Division of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, The Department of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery at The New York Eye & Ear Infirmary

Patients should consult with a physician who can provide the appropriate level of care necessary. If you wish to inquire about plastic and reconstructive surgical services, please call 212-979-4200 or 212-979-4492 for a medical referral or to receive additional information.

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