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Ologen® Collagen Matrix in preventing intraocular pressure (IOP) spikes after Ahmed Glaucoma Valve Surgery (AGV-FP7)

Enrollment Status

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To monitor IOP after surgical implantation of AGV-FP7 and evaluate if placement of Ologen over the plate can prevent common pressure spikes (hypertensive phase).

Inclusion Criteria

  • Age > = 18 years
  • Uncontrolled treated glaucoma requiring AGV-FP7 surgery
  • Subject must be able and willing to cooperate with investigation plan

Exclusion Criteria

  • Known allergic reaction to porcine collagen
  • History of uveitis
  • Corneal opacity or irregularity
  • History of scleral buckle

Enrollment in the Study

Meliza Unson, CRC:                212-979-4672

Katy Tai, CRC:                         212-979-4251,

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Noga Harizman, MD, Principal Investigator

Address310 E. 14th StreetNew York, NY 10003

Meliza Unson, CRCTel: 212-979-4672

Katy Tai, CRCTel: 212-979-4251

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