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ASSIST Study: The AGS Second Aqueous Shunt Implant vs. Transscleral Cyclophotocoagulation Treatment Study

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The doctor has determined that your glaucoma is not controlled and additional surgery is needed. There is little evidence in the literature that tells us which surgery is best for patients in your situation in general or you in particular. 

For this reason, the glaucoma specialists at the NYEE has joined ASSISTS to answer the question that tells us which surgery is best for patients with uncontrolled eye pressures and where additional surgery is needed.  In this randomized study, a second aqueous shunt implant will be compared to laser cyclophotocoagulation in patients who already have an aqueous shunt. The need for additional surgery does not mean the current aqueous shunt is not working; it is just not working well enough to get the eye pressure where it needs to be. The second aqueous shunt implant will allow additional fluid out of the eye to lower the pressure.

In the laser cyclophotocoagulation group, a laser procedure will be performed which destroys some of the cells that make fluid in the eye turning off the faucet reducing the eye pressure.  The laser procedure may need to be performed over multiple visits to prevent turning the faucet off too much.

Participating in the ASSIST study will help us know what to do in the future for people in your shoes.

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Meliza Unson, CRC:                212-979-4672

Katy Tai, CRC:                         212-979-4251,

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