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Procedures and Children

Procedures in Children

Hospitals can be frightening places for children. In order to make your child's stay here as smooth as possible, we ask that you follow these suggestions:

  • Follow your doctor's orders about not giving your child anything to eat or drink before surgery. We realize this is very difficult with small children, but it is essential in order to give them anesthesia and perform the scheduled procedure safely. If your child does have fluids or food after the recommended time, the surgery will have to be rescheduled.
  • Please feel free to bring one of your child's favorite toys to the hospital. It will help your child feel more secure if he or she has a familiar toy for company.
  • Only the parents or one parent and one escort should accompany the child. Bringing other relatives to the hospital may upset the child and also makes it difficult for our staff to do their jobs.
  • One person must stay at the hospital during surgery. you will be allowed to be with your child at all times on the unit and in the operating room before anesthesia. A parents' waiting room is available for convenience and comfort. The nursing staff will let you know as soon as you can rejoin your child in the Peri Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU). Please read the PACU Vistation Guidelines for Families.
  • For your child's safety, we will not discharge him or her to anyone other than a parent or legal guardian.
  • If you are escorting a child and driving, it is necessary to have a second adult present who is free to give the help and attention that are needed to bring a child home after surgery.


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