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Menieres Disease

Meniere's disease results from an abnormal buildup of fluid in the inner ear, presenting as a feeling of fullness or pressure in the ear, ringing (tinnitus), hearing loss, and vertigo (spinning and imbalance). These symptoms may occur suddenly, last from minutes to hours, resolve spontaneously, and recur at irregular intervals. Meniere’s disease is a chronic condition that usually affects one ear. Over time, it may result in permanent hearing loss, while vertigo can increase your chances of falls and accidents while driving.

Though no cure exists for Meniere’s disease, your ENT specialist may prescribe medicines to alleviate the vertigo. The use of diuretics, which reduce fluid retention, may help control the symptoms of the disorder. Vestibular rehabilitation may help to improve your balance in mid-to-late-stage disease through exercises and activities that involve head motion. In the most severe cases of the disease, surgery or injections of medicine into the middle ear are treatment options.

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