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Diagnostic fluorescein angiogram test of the eye

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As a renowned academic medical center, NYEE has a reputation for taking on difficult cases. These include patients with multiple ocular problems that require combined procedures, such a cornea transplant along with glaucoma surgery. The high volume of surgeries performed at NYEE has given our surgeons unparalleled experience and expertise when it comes to surgical interventions. Our ophthalmologists have achieved outstanding results by incorporating the most advanced imaging with the latest surgical techniques led by multidisciplinary teams of eye specialists. For patients with complex eye conditions this approach means fewer surgeries and better outcomes.

State-of-the-art imaging technology

All NYEE treatments start with a comprehensive evaluation. Our advanced ocular imaging facilities are staffed by highly trained technicians who use sophisticated, high-resolution, state-of-the-art diagnostic instruments. Use of the latest technology in the study of eye disease contributes to the enhancement of patient care. The crystal-clear definition of deep structures of the eye allows for early and accurate detection and understanding of the progression of eye diseases. In cases of glaucoma and other optic nerve head diseases, these imaging studies have been instrumental in understanding the functional changes resulting from the disease and in decision-making during surgical interventions. Patients further benefit from the hospital's premier ocular pathology department, offering advanced cytology, histopathology, and immunohistochemistry diagnostic services to patients with cancer of the eye.

Leading the way in research

In addition, our faculty is at the forefront of advancing the field of ophthalmology through basic, translational, and clinical research. Faculty members at The Shelley and Steven Einhorn Clinical Research Center of NYEE, the Mount Sinai/NYEE Eye and Vision Research Institute, and the Ophthalmic Innovation and Technology Program at NYEE are pioneering work in advanced ocular imaging, new surgical devices, and genetics and genomics of eye disease. A center for clinical investigations, NYEE spearheads drug trials, innovative medical and surgical techniques, therapeutics, and prevention programs. In addition, NYEE strives to transfer new discoveries, diagnostic methods, and treatment techniques to patients. 

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