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Native Cellular Fluorescence of Thyroid Nodules

Principal Investigator: Howard Savage, Ph.D.

Objective: To identify the spectral signature of thyroid cancer so as to facilitate cancer screening without the need for invasive biopsies

Overview: This project utilizes tumor DNA to perform a comparative analysis of cancer to normal tissue. Following polymerase chain reaction amplification of tumor DNA, cancers are assessed for the loss or gain of chromosomal regions. The relationship of these alterations to clinical characteristics of the patient are assessed. Departmental Co-Investigators are Stimson Schantz, MD and Michael Pittman, MD.

Contact Information: Howard Savage, Ph.D., (212) 979-4200

Funding: American Academy of Otolaryngology - Michael Pittman, MD

Selected Publications & Presentations:

Katz A, Savage HE, Schantz SP, McCormick SA, Alfano RR. Noninvasive native fluorescence imaging of head and neck tumors. Technology in Cancer Research and Treatment 2002; 1:9-7. [Abstract]

Gayen SK, Alrubaiee M, Savage H, Schantz SP, Alfano RR. Parotid gland tissues investigated by picosecond time-gat ed and optical spectroscopic imaging techniques. IEEE Journal on Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 2001; 7:906-911. [Abstract]

Guo Y, Savage HE, Liu F, Schantz SP, Ho PP, Alfano RR. Subsurface structure of tissues investigated by noninvasive optical second harmonic tomography. Proceedings National Academy of Sciences USA 1999; 96:10854-10856. [Abstract]

Schantz SP, Kolli VK, Savage HE, Yu G, Shah JP, Harris DE, Katz A, Alfano RR. Huvos AG. In-vivo native cellular fluorescence and histologic characteristics of head and neck cancer. Clinical Cancer Research 1998; 4:1177-1182. [Abstract]

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