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Cureatr One-Way Message Portal for Hospital Staff

Cureatr FAQs

What is Cureatr?
An app for iPhone, Android, and the Web that allows users to securely text message about patients.

Cureatr licenses are available for residents, fellows, and selected support staff at NYEE as a replacement for numeric pagers.

Nurses and other providers will be able to reach Cureatr users by calling their Cureatr pager numbers and leaving a voice message or by sending them a text message through the one-way messaging portal on any NYEE computer.

Using Cureatr's One-way Messaging Portal
Once at the portal page, send a message to a Cureatr user by entering the name of the person you want to reach (the name will pop up as you begin to type) and your name and contact information. When sending a message about a patient, you should include the Patient Name and DOB in the subject line of the message.

Calling a Cureatr Pager Number
Dial the Cureatr pager number from any phone. Choose option 1 to leave a call back number, or option 2 to leave the number of the phone you are calling from. Next, you will be prompted to choose option 1 to leave a voice message, or choose option 2 to end the call.

A list of Cureatr pager numbers is available on the hospital intranet.

When should I text vs. call?
If the issue is urgent and needs an immediate response, or if a provider has not responded to a text message, call them on the phone.