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PCNA to Prevent Recurrence of Proliferative Vitreoretinopathy Study

Principal Investigator

Ronald Gentile, M.D.  

Enrollment Status



To establish the safety and efficacy of Vitrenase when given as intravitreous injection after vitrectomy in patients with PVR and retinal detachment.

Study Results

One hundred fifty-four patients completed the study. Forty-one patients (27%) developed recurrent retinal detachment due to PVR by 24 weeks, including 18 patients (33%) in the group receiving 0.75 mg, 13 patients (24%) in the group receiving 0.15 mg, and 10 patients (22%) in the placebo group. There was no statistically significant difference in patients reaching this end point by 24 weeks (P = .37). Ancillary statistical analyses are reported.


VIT100 was not effective in preventing PVR recurrence in patients with established grade C or worse PVR

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Dr. Ronald Gentile, Principal Investigator

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