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AMD Phenotype and Genotype Clinical Trial

Enrollment Status:

Closed to Enrollment

Inclusion Criteria

  • Male or female participants ages 60 to 90 with AMD in at least one eye (case) or no AMD in either eye (control). AMD will be categorized as follows:
  • Classification of AMD Definition Lesions Assessed within 2DD of Fovea In Either Eye
    No Apparent Aging Changes No Drusen and No AMD Pigmentary Abnormalities*
    Normal Aging Changes Only Drupelets (Small Drusen ≤63µ) and No AMD Pigmentary Abnormalities*
    Early AMD Medium Drusen >63µ and ≤125µ and No AMD Pigmentary Abnormalities*
    Intermediate AMD Large Drusen > 125µ and/or Any AMD Pigmentary Abnormalities*
    Late AMD Neovascular AMD and/or Any Geographic Atrophy
  • Ability to provide written informed consent and comply with study assessments for the full duration of the study
  • Retinal photographs of sufficient quality to allow assessment of the macular area for AMD lesions including drusen


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Dr. Richard Rosen, Principal InvestigatorTel: (212) 979-4284

Melissa Rivas, Research CoordinatorTel: (212) 614-8386

Address310 E. 14th StreetNew York, NY 10003

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