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Eye Pathology Online Seminar

New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai is happy to share its new interactive, web-based virtual eye pathology curriculum with residency programs interested in didactic virtual slide seminars.

Interactive virtual slide teaching sessions with an experienced instructor

aperio virtual slide box

These interactive teaching sessions replicate the multi-headed microscope experience in eye pathology lab. The sessions are conducted via Webex and are scheduled to accommodate the needs of participants. Virtual slides implementing Aperio technology are used. The slides can be moved around on the screen and viewed with a range of magnification, similar to a glass slide under a light microscope. The pathology cases are discussed with an emphasis on clinical-pathologic correlation. The curriculum covers the entire range of pathology topics, including normal anatomy/histology, cornea, conjunctiva, sclera, lens, iris, glaucoma, retina, orbit and optic nerve, eyelid, trauma, inflammation, congenital anomalies, and intraocular tumors.

On-line virtual slide curriculum

aperio educational modules

The on-line virtual slide curriculum covers all topics discussed in the interactive virtual slide teaching sessions. The material is subdivided into courses by topic. Each course contains a series of cases, with pertinent clinical and gross pathology images and corresponding annotated virtual slide. In addition, each course contains virtual slides and questions for self-assessment.

On-line recorded eye pathology lecture series

The on-line recorded pathology lecture series cover all topics discussed in interactive virtual slide teaching sessions.

On-line syllabus

The on-line syllabus consists of a text and annotated color atlas, which cover all topics discussed in interactive virtual slide teaching sessions.

Grossing session and microscopic review of biopsies obtained at the participating institution

aperio grossing sessions

The participants will be able to observe via Webex sectioning of the specimens which they obtained. The specimens are sectioned under dissecting microscope. The sessions are scheduled in advance and conducted in real-time (live). The participants will also have the ability to microscopically review these specimens in a virtual slide format.

This curriculum can be individualized to accommodate the program's needs.

Want a Preview?

View a step-by-step demo of the Interactive Web-based Virtual Slide Eye Pathology Seminar. For more information, and a free trial of the Interactive Curriculum, please contact us.

Supported in part by a generous grant from the Alcon Foundation, Inc.

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