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Before You Come to the Hospital

To schedule a tour at Pediatric Ambulatory Surgery Unit, please contact us at least one week prior to admission when possible, to assure availability. However, we make every possible accommodation to provide a tour regardless of when contacted. Tours may be arranged by calling 212-979-4246 or emailing

Before any procedure, ask your doctor or health care provider for specifics about what will happen. Ask about how to prepare your child for surgery, and what will be required for follow up care. Obviously, how much your child understands depends on age and maturity.

On the day of surgery a patient of any age feels better bringing something from home: whether its a favorite toy, stuffed animal, blanket, or book!

Unless it is an emergency, the surgical procedure is scheduled in advance through the office of your child's doctor or clinic. They'll give you a date and a list of things you need to do before then.

Ask your doctor or our Ambulatory Care Centers for a copy of our Patient's Guide to Surgery. You can also view this guide on NYEE.EDU in English and Spanish. Feel free to use other links on our website to find further information about illnesses and treatments, plus sites about patient safety, medication safety and child health.

On the day before surgery, expect a call from the Admitting Office to confirm the time you should arrive at New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai. They will also tell you when to stop giving your child anything more to eat or drink. In general, that means no solid food after midnight on the night before surgery; nothing except clear liquids such as water, apple juice and pedialyte until 2 hours before surgery. Stop ALL liquids 2 hours before surgery. 

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