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Vocal Self-Awareness

An important early component of voice therapy is increased self-awareness of personal traits of voice production. Change can only be achieved after self-awareness. People are frequently surprised at the sound of their own voice when heard on a recording. That surprise is caused partly by limited self-awareness of personal vocal characteristics. Do you know how your voice sounds to others? You can increase that self-awareness by monitoring your voice and the voices of others.

Then increase attention to other speakers - network news and sports anchors, radio DJs, colleagues and friends. How do their voices differ along these basic vocal attributes? Which characteristics do you find pleasant, and which not? Who are your vocal role models? When you participate in a voice therapy program, the therapist will help you tune your ear to hear these attributes more clearly, in your voice and the voices of others. For many types of voice problems, increased vocal awareness is an important first step in overcoming a voice problem. 

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