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Day of Surgery


Plan to be admitted to the hospital approximately two hours prior to surgery. Do not drink or eat after midnight. If you are taking asthma inhalers, or other chronic medications, please bring these with you to the hospital.

Those patients undergoing surgery at the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary (main telephone number 212-979-4000) should register in Admitting Office, which is located on the first floor of the main building at 310 East 14th Street (corner of 14th Street and 2nd Avenue).

All pre-operative testing, and paper work, will be in the Admitting Office and will accompany the patient to the Day Surgery Unit. If the patient has pre-operative sinus CT scan, these should be brought to the Day Surgery Unit and given to the nurses to convey to the surgeon.

Day Surgery Unit

While awaiting surgery, the patient will visit with our staff anesthesiologist, and discuss their medical history and prior anesthesia history. If the patient has a history of adverse reactions to anesthetics or other medications, it is essential to communicate this to the physicians and nurses.

All prior records are very helpful. Many sinus procedures are now performed under local anesthesia with sedation, which offers the patient intra-operative comfort and rapid post-operative recovery. However, some patients will benefit from general anesthesia. Please discuss your wishes and concerns with the staff anesthesiologist.

While awaiting surgery, the nurses will review with the patient all pre-operative records, confirm the nature of the proposed surgery, and administer any required pre-operative medications. As a safety precaution, both the nurses and physicians will repeat the same questions in both the Day Surgery Unit and operating room.

Family Members

Family members should wait for the patient on the same floor as the patient was admitted. For adults, this is usually the fifth or seventh floors and the ninth floor for children. Please communicate to nursing where family members are waiting so that the surgeon can discuss with them the outcome of the operation and arrange follow-up care.

Post-operative Hospital Care

Most patients will be observed for two or more hours after surgery in the Day Surgery Unit. Patients must be alert, stable and capable of drinking clear liquids as minimum for discharge.

Prior to discharge, the nurses and physicians will observe the patient to insure that they are well and are properly prepared for discharge. Rarely, patients are observed in the hospital overnight.

Patients are often discharged with a dressing beneath the nose, which is intended to absorb mucous and blood following surgery. Subsequent to sinus surgery, it is customary for patient to experience mild bloody discharge from the nose and some decrease in their ability to breath through the nose.

However, if you need to change nasal dressings every few minutes, or if you feel more than a few tablespoons of blood draining into your throat, please notify the nursing staff prior to discharge, or follow our instructions for contacting the on-call surgeon prior to leaving the hospital or while at home.

Discharge from Hospital 

At discharge, the patient should have a prescription for all post-operative medications, know when to return to see their surgeon, know who to call in case of emergency (212-979-4200) and what to do after surgery.

These items will be discussed with the patient by nursing, and are reviewed under What to Expect After Surgery. Patients should not drive themselves home, and should have arranged transportation. 

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