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Ultrasound Biomicroscopy Clinical Database

Ultrasound biomicroscopy utilizes high frequency transducers to obtain high resolution. Our unit, with a 50 MHz transducer, achieves a resolution of approximately 50 microns, and has a tissue penetration of 4-5 mm. Scanning is performed with the patient in the supine position under standardized room lighting conditions. Scanning is performed under topical anesthesia using a 20 mm eye cup which is inserted between the lids and filled with saline solution. In vivo, cross-sectional or transverse images can then be obtained detailing the cornea, iris, ciliary body, anterior chamber angle, and peripheral sclera to demonstrate structural relationships.

Normal Eye

  • Normal Eye UBM Image

Angle-Closure Glaucoma

  • Pupillary blockBefore and after laser iridotomy
  • Dark room provocative testingPlateau iris
  • Iris cysts and tumors

Pigment Dispersion Syndrome and Pigmentary Glaucoma

  • Before and after laser iridotomyBefore and during accommodation

Ocular Trauma

  • Cyclodialysis cleftAngle recession

Intraocular Lens Position

  • Capsular bag fixation
  • Sulcus fixation
  • Malpositioned IOL

Failing Filtering Blebs

  • Functioning blebs
  • Four sites of obstruction to outflow

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