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What is a stye?

A stye or hordeolum is a bacterial infection (usually staphyloccal) of the tiny glands at the base of an eyelid. Signs that you may have a stye are aching, redness, or tenderness around one or more of the "roots" of your eyelashes. The presence of a stye may be irritating, but they do not pose a threat to your vision.

How can you prevent getting styes?

Styes can be prevented if you avoid touching or rubbing your eyes with unclean hands. Never share eye makeup - this can spread styes from person to person.

How is a stye treated?

Most styes will resolve by themselves by draining either outward or inward. A warm compress can be applied to the area, however, remember that this cloth should not be used for anything else in order to prevent further spread of the infection. Avoid using makeup when you have a stye. In some cases, the stye may need to be treated with antibiotic drops or drained by your ophthalmologist.

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