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What is a Chalazion? What Causes Chalazion?

A chalazion is a small but firm inflamed lump or cyst in the eyelid, caused by a blocked opening or infection of the oil producing glands, located in the upper or lower eyelids. They are frequently associated with a condition called Blepharitis. Chalazion may be uncomfortable, unsightly, or even interfere with vision.

Chalazion vs Stye

Chalazion and stye are not the same thing. Stye is an infection that occurs in the eyelash gland, while chalazion occurs in an internal gland of the eyelid. Read More About Stye

Chalazion Symptoms

A chalazion usually starts out as a small painless lump in either the lower or upper eyelid. If the chalazion becomes infected it may grow larger and become more painful. In severe cases the infected lump could cause the eyelid to droop as it becomes red and swollen, or become large enough to apply pressure on the eye causing blurred vision.

Chalazion Treatment

At the beginning signs of a chalazion, warm compresses should be applied to the eyelid several times daily. The chalazion may come to a "point" on either the inside or outside of the eyelid. If the chalazion is more serious, antibiotic or steroid eye drops or eye ointment may need to be administered.

Chalazion Surgery

If there is still no improvement and the condition seems to worsen, an ophthalmologist may perform a minor surgical procedure in which a local anesthetic is injected into the eyelid, so that a small incision can be made to drain the chalazion.


I have a painful lump in my eyelid

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