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International Institute for Cosmetic Surgery

New York City sets the standard for cosmetic surgery both nationwide and worldwide and has many of the world's best plastic surgeons and most advanced procedures.

The International Institute for Cosmetic Surgery is part of the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai (NYEE). NYEE itself was established in 1820 by a group of physicians who had trained at London's famed Moorefields Hospital, and is the oldest specialty hospital in the U.S. Many of its surgeons are consistently listed in directories of the “best doctors” in various specialty areas.

We offer the most advanced treatments, surgical, laser, and nonsurgical (fat grafting, fillers, Botox, etc.) at the nation’s most respected specialty hospital. There are more than 50 Board certified plastic surgeons on staff specializing in all aspects of cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. Additionally NYEE has leading dermatologists who are experts in the use of the most advanced laser technologies in the nation.

Is the best cosmetic surgery in the world now more affordable?

While New York has a reputation for being expensive, New York Eye and Ear Infirmary has some economical options.

Our surgeons offer a wide range of private fees dependent on the individual surgeon, which can range from the most expensive to very reasonable levels, and our staff can accommodate any request for information on the subject and match the patient to their desired level of expenditure.

Additionally, we are able to offer special hotel accommodation following surgery, and have options of local hotels in discount price ranges to further ease patient anxiety of the costs. We are also able to provide postsurgical nursing care at your hotel if such is desired. This, however, is rarely necessary but for the anxious patient this does provide a level of security, particularly if the person is in New York alone.

We welcome inquiries and stand ready to make your visit pleasant, safe, and productive of an excellent aesthetic result.

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