Power Reflectance

Principal Investigator: Christopher J. Linstrom, M.D., Carol A. Silverman, Ph.D.

Objective: Traditional acoustic-immittance assessment of middle-ear function is limited in terms of its accuracy, ability to assess middle-ear disorders in the presence of tympanic membrane abnormalities, and ability to identify establish etiologies of various middle-ear disorders. A new, noninvasive tool was developed, called power reflectance, which provides a measure of transmission of sound energy through the middle ear, and overcomes many of the limitations of traditional acoustic-immittance assessment. Therefore, the goal is to evaluate the test performance of the power reflectance measure in identifying middle-ear disorders and to evaluate the contribution of this measure in establishing the etiology of the middle-ear disorder. Our pilot study had been funded by Mimosa Acoustics, Mountainside, NJ.

Overview: Our department has been applying this new technique for the assessment of otologic and audiologic disorders prior to and post medical and surgical treatment. This test is being administered during audiologic assessment of adults and children with a variety of audiologic and otologic disorders. The time involved for the test is brief, and the test can be employed in difficult-to-test individuals.

Contact Information: Christopher Linstrom, M.D., (212) 979-4200

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