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Bone Anchored Hearing Aids

Principal Investigator: Christopher J. Linstrom, M.D., Carol A. Silverman, Ph.D.

Enrollment: Open 

Objective: Individuals with adult-onset single sided deafness experience significant communication difficulties. These difficulties impose a major handicap in modern society, which greatly values communication. Recently, a titanium bone-anchored hearing aid (BAHA) was developed which represents a new device for the rehabilitation of single sided deafness. The BAHA is a bone-conduction hearing aid that is implanted into the mastoid process of the temporal bone behind the ear during a routine surgical procedure. The goal of this investigation is to examine short-term and long-term efficacy of the BAHA in adults with single-sided deafness

Overview: Persons who participate in this study will receive the BAHA and receive otologic and audiologic follow-up to determine any short-term and/or long-term changes in sound localization, speech recognition in noise, and patient satisfaction with the device.

Eligibility: Research subjects are being recruited for this study. If you are a physician treating unilateral adult-onset deafness, please contact Dr. Linstrom for participation details.

Contact Information: Christopher Linstrom, M.D., (212) 979-4200 Related Information: Other Research Projects in Neuro-Otology & Audiology




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