Estrogen Metabolism and Thyroid Disease Progression 

Principal Investigator: Stimson Schantz, M.D.

Objective: To demonstrate that abnormal estrogen metabolites are a risk factor for thyroid goiter in a case-control epidemiologic study.

Overview: The development of the common problem of thyroid enlargement, goiter, may be secondary to abnormal estrogen metabolites. These metabolites may stimulate the thyroid gland to become enlarged and lead to patient morbidity. This study assesses for the presence of abnormal estrogen metabolite in patients with thyroid goiter and healthy controls in a case-control analysis. Co-Investigators are Edwin Chan, MD, Helen Yoo, MD and Guopei Yu, MD, MPH.

Contact Information: Edwin Chan, M.D., (212) 979-4200

Funding: National Institute of Health (National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research)     Read the abstract

Selected Publications & Presentations:

Yoo HJ, Sepkovic DW, Bradlow L, Yu GP, Sirilan HV, Schantz, SP. Estrogen metabolism as a risk factor for head and neck cancer. Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery 2001; 124:241-247. [Abstract]

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