New York Eye & Ear Offers Latest Fraxel Re:pair Laser Surgery: Has Fewer Risks, Shorter Recovery Than Other Laser Procedures

New York, NY (June 2008) -- The newest and most advanced type of non-invasive Fraxel laser treatments, called Fraxel Re:pair, is being used to tighten and smooth wrinkles on the face and around the eyes of patients at The New York Eye and Ear Infirmary.   It offers fewer risks and shorter recovery time than traditional CO2 lasers. 

“Fraxel Re:pair is not a replacement for traditional facelift or eye lift surgery, but is best for patients in their 40s and 50s who want to put off a face lift for a few years,” said Donald Wood-Smith, MD, chairman of Plastic Surgery at The Infirmary.  “What is truly exciting about this new laser is that patients are back in social situations and at work within a week.  The skin of patients who have CO2 laser treatments stays very red, like a severe sunburn, for 10 days, and sometimes stays red for months.”  

Fraxel Re:pair can also be used on the neck, chest, arms and hands in certain circumstances, said Dr. Wood-Smith

The new “skin tightening” surgery works by creating thousands of tiny laser holes that shrink the skin’s underlying network of collagen.  Texture and color of the treated skin improves in addition to tightening wrinkles. 

Fraxel Re:pair was recently approved by the FDA and is being performed by Dr. Wood-Smith and Roy Geronemus, MD, director of dermatology in the Plastic Surgery Department at New York Eye and Ear Infirmary.  

The procedure takes 30-45 minutes.

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