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The EMR initiative at NYEE continues at a brisk pace. Currently, our EMR provides physicians with visit information on all Inpatient, Outpatient and ASU encounters, including abstracts of the visits with ICD9 and CPT codes; current meds and medication history; lab results; radiology and pathology reports; the complete surgical case record; all dictated reports; physician orders; demographic, administrative and admissions data; vitals; capture of scanned documents for Inpatient and ASU; nursing and other clinical assessments, ophthalmology PACS images and more.

Currently underway is the major initiative for physician documentation, at which point the EMR will be as comprehensive as the old paper chart though more accessible and with tools for alerts, analysis, and decision support.

In the near future, doctors will review records, document care, order meds or tests, and sign reports electronically, whether here, at the office, or at home.

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