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Videonystagmography / Electronystagmography (VNG/ENG)

Vestibular tests determine if there is something wrong with the balance (vestibular) portion of the inner ear.

The VNG/ENG test battery is the standard for determining if a vestibular (inner ear) or central (brain) problem is causing a balance or dizziness problem. It is a series of tests that demonstrate how a person's eyes respond to information from the vestibular portion of the inner ear system.

Hi-tech video goggles with infrared cameras measure the movement of the eyes. The test consists of visual tasks, sitting and laying in different positions, and caloric testing. For caloric testing, the audiologist will stimulate both of the ears (one at a time) with warm and cold, air or water, to assess the response of the inner ear to the stimulation.

Videonystagmography / Electronystagmography (VNG/ENG) Instructions

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