George Alexiades, MD, FACS

George Alexiades, MD, F.A.C.S.

Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology
Otology, Neurotology
The Ear Institute
380 Second Avenue, 9th Floor
New York, NY  10010
Phone: (646) 438-7823
FAX: (646) 438-7876
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Research Papers & Presentations

  1. 2005, January Alexiades G. Emerging technologies: a glimpse into the future of neurotology-the American Neurotology Society Meeting, September 18, 2004, New York City. Otol Neurotol. 2005 Jan;26(1):2-4.

  2. 2004 Parisier SC, Alexiades G, Hoffman R, Madell JR. Cochlear implants: obstacles limiting application. Int Congr Ser. 1273 (2004): 255-258.

  3. 2003, November Roland Jr JT, Alexiades G, Jackman AH, Hillman D, Shapiro W. Cochlear implantation in human immunodeficiency virus-infected patients. Otol Neurotol. 2003 Nov; 24 (6): 892-5. 

  4. 2002, September Alexiades G, Roland JT Jr, Fishman AJ, Golfinos JG, Cohen NL. Hearing and facial nerve preservation in the middle fossa approach to acoustic neuromas. Presented at the AAO-HNS Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA.

  5. 2002, February Jackman A, Alexiades G, Roland JT Jr, Fishman AJ, Cohen NL, Golfinos J. Cranial nerve preservation in surgery for large acoustic neuromas. Presented at the North American Skull Base Society meeting, San Diego, CA.

  6. 2002, January Cohen Noel L, Roland J Thomas, Alexiades George. Chapter 9: Cochlear Implants. Surgical Atlas of Pediatric Otolaryngology by Bluestone and Rosenfeld.

  7. 2001, January Alexiades G, Roland JT, Fishman AJ, Walztman SB, Cohen NL. Cochlear reimplantation: Surgical techniques and functional results. Presented at the Eastern Section Meeting of the Triological Society, Toronto, Canada, in press.

  8. 2000, March Roland JT Jr, Fishman AJ, Alexiades G, Cohen NL. Electrode to modiolus proximity: a fluoroscopic and histologic analysis. Am J Otol. 2000 Mar;21(2):218-25.

  9. 2000, January Fishman AJ, Alexiades G, Roland JT Jr, Cohen NL. Management of PE tubes at time of cochlear implantation. Poster presentation at the Eastern Section of the Triological Society, Pittsburgh, PA

  10. 1999, March Alexiades G, Fishman AJ , Roland JT Jr , Golfinos JG , Gadre A, Cohen Noel L. Hearing Preservation in Middle Fossa Approach to Acoustic Neuromas. Presented at the North American Skull Base Society Meeting, Scottsdale, AZ

  11. 1998, August Roland JT, Fishman AJ, Waltzman SB, Alexiades G, Hoffman RA, Cohen NL. Stability of the Cochlear Implant Array in Children.
    Laryngoscope 1998; 108: 1119-1123.

  12. 1998, August Miller PJ, Hertler C, Alexiades G, Cook TA. Replantation of the Amputated Nose. Arch Otolaryngol. Head Neck Surg 1998;
    124: 907-10.

  13. 1993-present Interactive Temporal Bone Anatomy computer module, with Dr. J.T. Roland, Jr. and Dr. D. Hillman at NYU School of Medicine

  14. 1991 NYU School of Medicine Hippocrates Project - 1) designed computer modules as study aides, 2) programmed and debugged in Hypercard, Supercard, Director, 3) computer animation and graphics design

Courses & Grand Rounds

  1. 2005, Sept 28 Cellular Biology of Cholesteatoma and its Correlation to Clinical Behavior. Alexiades G, Parisier S, 1 hour AAO-HNSF Course 

  2. 2005, Sept 22 Emerging Technologies in Hearing Restoration. Grand Rounds, SUNY Downstate

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