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Research Projects

Thyroid and head and neck diseases

  • Molecular biology of papillary thyroid cancer
  • Molecular biomarkers of thyroid cancer
  • Role of lipoxygenases in papillary thyroid cancer
  • Proteomics and chemoprevention of thyroid proliferative diseases
  • Role of the estrogen signaling pathway and thyroid proliferative dieases
  • Effect of ionizing radiation on cell cycle checkpoints in thyroid cells
  • Cell-cell communication in follicular adenomas and carcinomas
  • Cell-cell communication in squamous cell carcinoma of the Head and Neck
  • P53-mediated bystander effects in squamous cell carcinoma of the Head and Neck


  • Decomposition of electromyographic signals in facial paralysis
  • Neurophysiologic evidence of Lee Silverman voice therapy in Parkinson's Disease
  • Neuromoter modeling of spasmodic dysphonia
  • Dysphagia and laryngopharyngeal sensory deficit after chemoradiation for head and neck cancer.
  • Vocal rehabilitation after partial laryngectomy
  • Vocal fold reinnervation
  • Otology
  • Cell-to-cell communication in the CNS in health and disease
  • Induced irreversible imbalance as an outcome of intrauterine hypoxia
  • A Drosophila model for hearing deficits
  • Molecular signals in hair cell regeneration
  • Efficacy of Bone Anchored Hearing Aid for single sided deafness
  • Cochlear implants - outcomes assessment and perception of music
  • Benefit of cochlear implants in infants
  • Language development in children with cochlear implants
  • Speech perception in patients with bilateral cochlear implants
  • Comparison of bilateral vs bimodal hearing in cochlear implant patients
  • Development of a speech perception test for testing young children with cochlear implants

Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

  • Randomized, blinded clinical trial of Aquamid polyacrylamide gel vs Restylane for treatment of nasolabial folds.
  • Assessment of relative skin thicknesses of the face
  • Photographic assessment of eyebrow position and range of motion
  • Congenital malformations
  • Molecular biology of hemangiomas

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