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OKAP and Board Review

OKAP Review: 

OKAP Review - Pathology - Dr. Ralph Eagle & Pathology Course Notes

OKAP Review - Oncology - Carol Shields, MD & Jerry Shield, MD


Anatomy of the Globe and Ocular Embryology - H. Schubert, MD (Columbia Presbyterian)

Cornea & External Disease - R. Latkany, MD / M. Speaker, MD

Cornea & External Disease - R. Cykiert, MD

Neuro Ophthalmology - R. Banik, MD

  • Neuro-Ophthalmology Review
  • Visual Fields in Ophthalmology

Oncology I - C. Shields, MD / J. Shields, MD (Wills Eye Hospital)

Oncology II - P. Finger, MD / D. Abramson, MD

Pathology - R. Eagle, MD (Wills Eye Hospital)

Pediatrics & Strabismus - Brian Campolattaro, MD/Dr. Wang/ Dr. Hall

Pharmacology - S. Schneider, MD

Photo Pretesting - L. McNally, MD

Retina I - R. Rosen, MD / A. Gabrielian

Retina II - J. Rosenthal, MD


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