Ophthalmology Resident Graduation

Class of 2015 (5th Year Residents)

Class of 2015 Michael Bassiri-Tehrani, MD

Class of 2015Patrick Colley, MD

Class of 2015 Jonathan Cabin, MD

Class of 2015Michele Gandolfi, MD

Class of 2016 (4th Year Residents)

Fung Michael Chan, MD

Gregory Dibelius, MD

Moustafa Mourad, MD

Neha Patel, MD

Class of 2017 (3rd Year Residents)

James Azzi, MD

Sameep Kadakia, MD

Shira Koss, MD

Brian Schwab, MD

Class of 2018 (2nd Year Residents)

Jeffrey Cranford, MD

Edmund Nahm, MD

William Karle, MD

Zhong Zheng, MD

Class of 2019 (1st Year Residents)

Joseph Capo, MD

Samuel Helman, MD

Clare Dean, MD

Kirkland Lozada, MD



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