New York Eye and Ear Infirmary
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Alumni Dinner - May 2002


Honoree Dr. Robert Durrell, and Alumni Association President Dr. Jeanne Rosenthal

Dr. Steven Schaefer, Distinguished Alumnus Honoree Claude Douge, and Dr. Christopher  Linstrom

Distinguished Alumnus, Dr. Pedro Guzman

Dr. Lorenzo-Latkanyand Dr. Latkany

Dr. J.R. Rosenthal and Dr. Robert Durell

Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Kabakow, and Dr. Richard Rosen


Mrs. Guzman (L) with Dr. Douglas Buxton and friends and family

Dr. Seymour Fradin and Dr. Alan Weseley

Dr. Felix DePinies and Dr. Pedro Guzman

Dr. Jeanne Rosenthal, Dr. Claude Douge, and Alumni Association Vice President, Dr. Melissa Pashcow

Mrs. and Dr. Arthur Dishman, and Dr. Stephen Rogers

NYEE President & CEO, Mr. Joseph Corcoran with Mrs. and Dr. Jay Wisnicki

ENT Residents Dr. Luna Bailey, Dr. Jonathan Sonne, and Dr. Priya Wagle

Dr. Douglas Buxton

Mr. Joseph Corcoran and Dr. Steven Schaefer

Dr. Richard Rosen and Dr. Seymour Fradin 

Dr. Stephen Facchina, Dr. David Della Rocca, Dr. Robert Della Rocca, and Dr. Bruce Moskowitz

Dr. Robert Durrell and family

Dr. Jeanne Rosenthal, Dr. Manorama Dhar, Dr. Remy Moonthungal, and Dr. Rolando Joco

Dr. Lisa Gamell and guest

Dr. Alfonso Ponce, Claudia Ponce, Dr. Sandy Thimmappa, and Dr. Aimy Mosny

Dr. and Mrs. Jose Guzman, Dr. Sebastian Guzman, and Dr. Pedro M. Guzman

L to R: Dr. Rolando Joco, Dr. Manorama Dhar, Dr. Natalia Livits, Dr. Remy Moonthungal, Dr. and Mrs. Durell and daughter, Dr. Krishna Girnar, and Dr. Vijay Girnar

Dr. Jeanne Rosenthal with EYE Residents Dr. Allan Farquhar, Dr. Anthony Terraciano, Dr. Gi Yoon, andDr. & Mrs. Seth Meskin



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