New York Eye and Ear Infirmary
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Accessibility of

We have attempted to meet many accessibility guidelines to make this website more usable by our website visitors with visual disabilities. If you find difficulty with using our website, please contact us!

Accessibility Features

Accessibility Toolbar

The Accessibility toolbar that appears on the top of this website includes several built-in tools that will help users navigate

Accessibility Toolbar: Adjust Type Size

Adjust: Text Size - enables you to increase and decrease the type size in several increments.

Accessibility Toolbar: Print Normal and Print Large Print

Print this Page: Normal - removes all outside navigational elements and opens a page that will print nicely.

Print this Page: Large - removes all outside navigational elements and opens a page that will print nicely, in large type.

Color Contrast

This site has been designed in high contrast, using mostly light text on a dark background for the left- and right-navigational elements. Body text is displayed using dark text on a light-colored background.

Relative font sizes

Font sizes used for navigation, main content and right column content are relative to your browser settings. Although the default font sizes are easily read by the majority of users, you can enlarge the text if desired. For example, in Internet Explorer, navigate to View > Text Size, and select your preference. View more ways to control font size and font colors on the Web Accessibility Initiative website

Alternative text for images

Where appropriate, images have a text equivalent in the form of a description of the image. The alternative text can be read by assistive technologies.We have made a conscious effort to avoid using images with embedded text when possible.

Screen reader friendly document structure

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) separates the content and structure of this website from its presentation and layout. Using semantic markup, the website is screen reader friendly, providing a much improved browsing experience for visually impaired users.

No new windows

Opening content in new windows and popup windows is confusing for users of non-visual browsers. For this reason, no content will open in new windows or popup windows unless stated specifically.